Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Will Not Leave Thee Comfortless

  Two days of getting my kaboose moving. Just have to keep doing it every day now! Kinda daunting. I've enjoyed it though. Listening to "The Script" while walking it out on the treadmill has been invigorating. Now I just have to keep it up when my mood gets bleak...that's when all my attempts at keeping a regimen have ALWAYS fallen apart. But I'm sticking it to God to not let that happen this time. 
  Speaking of God...he is merciful. I may have gotten the tough stick in life but He's not going to leave me alone for it. And even though I feel like punching her sometimes, it was my pre-mortal self who agreed to this life. I used to be heartbroken and bitter that I seemed to have so much potential and creativity for so many different things, but that I was too sick to pursue them. Dancing, sports, music (instruments), art, photography, makeup, acting, writing, ect. Plus the things I have pursued but could be even greater at; costuming, modeling, singing, ect. I know I have great artistic vision but you can't truly pursue something without the health.
   Anywho, ever since I heard my "early death sentence", the Lord has made me understand, very clearly, that all these dreams are promised to me. Not just in the next life, but in this one. Not even afar off. And that I CAN win this fight. The way He let me know was by giving me loads of ideas, artistic vision, and enthusiasm; accompanied by the Spirit saying, "This is who you are and I didn't put it there so you couldn't achieve it." It's hard to explain feelings that can't be put into words. But somehow I can feel He's there holding me up, motivating me, so I can be "Angela." My life isn't about suffering.
   Oh and I can't forget to mention that a week ago I started a new medication for the emotional rollercoaster that I am, and it seems to be working. I seem to be a little more capable of deciding how I'm going to feel. Kinda soon to tell for sure, but I hope it's true! If it is, it's no coincidence. I need to be in control if I'm going to keep up a regimen. The incident of me getting out on the town, singing/dancing/acting like a fool in my car, to my "The Script" music, is hopefully a testament to a change.
   Don't stop your prayers and support though! I will still have low times, like ALWAYS happens, but hopefully they will be less destructive. I especially need you, my family! A LOT! Please help me keep going.

My male muses ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Fatal Downward Spiral

   Well it's been awhile, and this entry has nothing to do with parties or costumes, but going to the ER and hearing pretty lousy news made me need to vent stuff out. I went because I woke up having these extremely painful bladder spasms, without my bladder emptying. Naturally by the time the doctors got to me I had finally gone to the bathroom but I still needed to stay because we needed to talk about why it happened at all.
 Basically it all comes down to needing to get hugely more active and somehow lessening my pain pill intake. And naturally nobody healthy, like the doctor, has any idea how monumentally difficult that is. But unfortunately he's also totally right. I knew this all before-hand of course but being in the ER and hearing him bluntly say "If things keep going the way they are you'll gather more and more problems and won't have a long life," kind of hammered it home hard. So of course I'm scared out of my mind. I'll be much more violent in my efforts to get better now but it will definitely take a lot of support from the divine. I am sorely under-qualified to do it by myself.

Here's what I mean:
- How do you stay up on your feet when the nerves (from fibromyalgia) are so sensitive that being on them for 5 minutes causes pain in the soles? When it feels like you've been walking barefoot on hard rock for hours.
- How do you move around when your stomach is so nauseas all the time? Who wants to move when they feel they'll throw up?
- Then there's the chronic pain. And how it's unusually magnified when you push your body just a tiny too far.
- And then there's all the flues you catch so easily.
- Not to mention when you get this bizarre numb/tingling I sometimes get which no doctor quite understands yet. Though I'm pretty dang sure it is related to the intestines.
- And lastly, but far from least, is how severe chronic anxiety is attacking you ALL the time.
- So how does a person be, and consitently stay, active when all this is often going on at the same time?
   That's why it's so hard. That's why I'm so scared. But unfortunately it doesn't matter how many valid excuses I have, I have to win at it or I'll only get more problems and I won't live to an old age.

   There's nothing like all this to make me desperate to get all the heavenly help I can. So I would desperately appreciate your prayers and any inclusion in your fasting that I can get.
The only light-hearted thing I can say for now, is that it's too bad I can't normally get the same amount of attention from an attractive guy than I did when sitting in the waiting room of the ER. I found the cute guy with an injured leg looking at me every time I looked his direction. But that was probably because I kept showing severe discomfort. Digging my fingers in the armrest of my wheelchair in pain. Even if it was horrified fascination on his part, it made the wait slightly more bearable. ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life's a Party!

So I was aiming to have a few parties this summer. The girl/ lip tattoo party, and a big celebration for the Hunger Games DVD release. I achieved them! Here are a few pics from these super fun parties!


Flower power lips!

"Pink Lepoard" lips!

Lip tattoos = Violent Lips

Hunger Games parties




 Pres. Snow likes his cake rosy with just a hint of blood.
  The Bloodbath
cupcake toppers/bottle labels/food signs = Craftyboquets
Happy Hunger Games banner = Party Scribbles
Hunger Games word-find = MelissaBeeDesigns
Tribute stickers = BlueLeafCreative

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ultimate "Hunger Games" Party

I've been heck-bent on throwing a massive party for the DVD release of "The Hunger Games." My teenage nieces played Hunger Games Tag with their friends and that got my mind whirling. So here is my party plan (even if it is crazy ambitious).
  We will be playing 'Tag' but with a few awesome twists. It's not a "one touch and you're out" version. We will be using flag football belts, water balloons, nerf weapons, and human tracker jackers. Also other weapons and helpful items will be hidden around the park, not just at the cornucopia. Such as these:

Of course anyone with these will have an advantage but there will be limited supplies for each one. Such as only one balloon, one arrow, one pump in the super soaker, ect. You may have to risk a trip to the "Lake" (water balloon station) or the "Pond" (water balloon pump) to get more ammo. But whoever kills a person with a weapon can take it for themselves. 


~ If you lose all your flags you're dead.
~ Flags will be lost from being hit by water balloons, nerf arrows/projectiles, or just getting it yanked off.
~ Only the weapons available are sanctioned weapons. If you slingshot a rock you're out of the game 
~ If you make a kill you can take that person's weapons or balloons. You can only carry so much though so you may have to give up something you have.
~ If you get tagged by a Tracker Jacker you must lay down for five seconds but are still allowed to shoot from your position
~ There may be extra flags, balloons, ect. at the cornucopia. If you can get there. Tracker Jackers like that spot.
~Alliances are allowed but don't get too trusting. It might just get you killed.
~ If there's only two or three players left and things are just taking too long then the Hounds (dead tributes) will be released and they will herd you all together to finish it off. The GameMaker will decide when they should be released and called back.
Other than that, this is just a big brawl and you either have to run fast, hide, get sneaky, or be creative. Stay Alive. And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Other activities:

  If you die early in the Tag game then I want to have two other activities. I really want to get at least one person who knows archery to teach people how to shoot like Katniss!!! If not real archery lessons we'll make popcicle stick bows and have a contest that way. The other activity would be some kind of "Reaping" game. Maybe like a lottery. If people are interested enough I will set those things up. I hope they are!

The Movie!!:

    So I'm really hoping to get an awesome home theater to watch this in. I've inquired about one but am still waiting on the answer. We will enjoy some Hunger Games inspired treats and decor, and then watch the movie!!!!

I really really really want to do this so I hope others jump on the bandwagon with me!! When it comes to parties I go all out! So I promise it will be fun! And if you have any ideas on how to better my Hunger Games Tag, feel free to tell me!

 Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Deck-out in Decals party

My awesome neices are moving to Texas so I need to have some major girl-fun before they go. The main idea is to have a makeover and photoshoot. But it won' t be any boring makeover. I've found some incredibly fun products!

1. This is what I'm most excited about:


~ Violent Lips are decals for lips!! They have so many crazy amazing designs and come 3 in a pack! You can bet I'll be finding opportunities to wear these! I'm just mad I didn't find these in time for the 4th of July.

2. Next is a great product I've already tried out:

~More decal fun! Jamberry Nails are awesome! They stay on a long time and are easy to apply. Especially with a buddy. Using heat from a hairdryer they will bond to your nail. They have so many designs it's super hard to choose! Each sheet of decals you buy can be used for both hands and feet. And aren't I lucky, the business is based in my neighboring city of Lindon, UT :)

3. For our last party item we would have to wear some of these eye decals from Xotic Eyes. I haven't tried these yet:

Now I plan on going the route of buying through Ebay or maybe Amazon because this website is a dodgy place, since they make body appliques too. Thus no direct link. So be careful. And just stay away from the facebook fan page. I learned that the hard way, lol! Their eye appliques are so cool though! They come with the decal (which may include jewels), false eyelashes, and some matching glitter goo.
Affording all of these would be the hard part but might be managed by sharing each pack. That's what I'll be doing! I might have to try the eye appliques another time. We'll see.

Monday, July 2, 2012

This is me. At least this is the costume that caught everyone's attention. With the Hunger Games rush right now, it's all over Pinterest. That is the greatest joy a costume designer (if I can call myself that) could dream have people as excited about your costume as you are. Wearing it at the Hunger Games premier was pure joy for me. People were staring, cheering, yelling out for "Katniss", and wanting pictures with me. I'll be wearing it again for Halloween and it will be even better (improved bodysuit).
   So this is what I love to do! Next up is Catwoman for the "Dark Knight Rises" premier. Then it will be Halloween and then on to "The Hobbit" premier! This will be one fun year for me!!!